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Default Re: Cracked Skyhawk GT2 Frame

Personally I'd have it fixed, then gusseted, then re heat treated... aluminum loses a Lot of it's strength if it loses it's heat treatment. Most heat treated alloys can be every bit as strong as mild steel, and some just a bit stronger (7075 T6 is both stronger and harder than mild steel, 6061 T6 is almost as strong as steel but just a tad softer, and 2024 T3 is about the same as mild steel but maybe a touch harder)
The problem with these alloys tho is that you can't weld on the 2 series or 7 series aluminum alloys, the 5 and 6 series are very weldable, but not as strong.
Ya can't tell I used to work aircraft structures for a living for several years can ya? I was also able to take the class for rockwell hardness testing and a few other strength testing methods, it's amazing how strong certain metals are, but they don't look it or feel that way when drilling thru then or working them.
But for sure, if I got it rewelded, it's into the heat treat oven next.
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