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Default Re: Cracked Skyhawk GT2 Frame

It's a cold weld... Whoever welded it originally totally missed the lower frame tube more than half way around that bracket tube, now add 3 years of vibration and hard riding into the mix and things like this happen... That's Chinese quality for ya...
Here in the states if someone was building frames like these they would all have to be x-rayed to check for voids in the weld, then the rejects marked and re welded to fix teh problem.... Over there it's welded and put in a box... probably while it's still cooling down from being welded, the box is inspected to be sure it's taped down good enough so it won't pop open on it's way over here, and on the ship it goes...

Sorry, I couldn't pass that up, but I'm still thinking it wa a cold weld from the factory...
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