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Default Re: The Iron Horse is back again.

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post

I do like people who do stuff like that because they pay my bills now... lol
Not uncommon for someone to come by my shop that either tried to do an alignment on their car at home or change out a spring, tie rod end, or ball joint, then call me after they got it all in pieces wanting to know how much it's gonna cost if they let me fix it...
My brothers work in the motor trade and I remember being told about a breakdown job that was supposed to be a simple get-the-car-going-again type job, but when my brother got there the owner had the distributor and carburrettor entirely apart in small pieces and was starting in on the alternator. Needless to say my brother did not even attempt to work on the car on the side of the road and back to the shop it went. My brother said he'd never seen anything like it before on a breakdown job
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