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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

You're welcome...

Yeah I have a KX65 pipe ordered and a 21mm Mikuni carb on order also, I have several engines and I don't know for sure which will get the new goodies to see what I can make it do, I'm gona do one up a bit different that I've done before at some point, I'm honestly not looking for 60 MPH on one of my bikes but I'd like to get better acceleration and cruising speed power up to the 45 mph range.

The 50 mph engine I built up took a long stretch to get there but with a 24" wheel and a 30T sprocket it was turning around 8950 RPM's so the porting was working to let it breathe but I still dont think I had everything where it needed to be.

I dont care to go any faster than that, I just want to have a quicker 0 to 40-45+ mph, if I can get that done I'll be happy.

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
thanks map.

it wasn't till last race season that i finally built up a bike with a bigass expansion chamber, carb, and afyermarket head. i had to do it to keep up with the arrow team.

i was leading the first coupla laps in the final of the last ride til my pedal seized and fell off, and i had to pull off the track. wait'll this year!

i always got a kick out of racing everyone with the stock, albeit heavily modified engine without all the bolt on goodies, but after 2 years of 3,4,and 5th places i finally had to cave in and build something to compete for first.

i'd love to have a race class where all modifications are allowed to the stock kit, but it has to use the factory carb, exhaust, head, etc. no aftermarket parts allowed.
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