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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

thanks map.

it wasn't till last race season that i finally built up a bike with a bigass expansion chamber, carb, and afyermarket head. i had to do it to keep up with the arrow team.

i was leading the first coupla laps in the final of the last ride til my pedal seized and fell off, and i had to pull off the track. wait'll this year!

i always got a kick out of racing everyone with the stock, albeit heavily modified engine without all the bolt on goodies, but after 2 years of 3,4,and 5th places i finally had to cave in and build something to compete for first.

i'd love to have a race class where all modifications are allowed to the stock kit, but it has to use the factory carb, exhaust, head, etc. no aftermarket parts allowed.
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