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Yup.. I was supposed to get a few friends in on building these but they backed out after I ordered my first kit... we all ride motorcycles but have our toys too. One of my friends built a really neat Honda Ruckus and he was going to buy a kit but backed out after getting a layoff notice from work, so I was the only one here that built one. I also ordered a Fred head at the same time so this thing never even started up in stock trim... took it for a few rides then made a pipe for it, took it out for another ride then brought it home, took it apart, and started doing the porting work and other mods... I got a collection of carbs and reed valves over here so my next step is to put a bigger carb on this thing so it can breathe like it's supposed to. I'm thinking the Tilly will do what I want it to, but I've also got my eyes on a Mikuni or Dellorto.
I do agree tho... these things are a blast to ride around on and tinker with...
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