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I put a lot of research into this bike. It is my first motorized bicycle but I was in the bicycle industry for large portions of my life> I have built countless road and mountain bikes for racers and designed a few road from the ground up. Raced middleweight superbike on a GSXR 600 for 3 seasons. I put in a lot of hours with the dremel porting and many more tuning and setting everything up. I have about 3/4 of the first gallon mixed for break in thru the motor. Hit a steady 40 to 41 on a flat stretch today next to my friend on a Yamaha FZ1. I am loving the bike and excited to finish break in, mix a good gallon with 50 to 1 synthetic, get a good expansion chamber, carb, intake and maybe a 36 tooth for the rear and see what she will really do. Oh the bike is a relatively light 700c fixie style road bike.
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