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Default Re: Building a tank for my Gen-Lifan cruiser!

Nice start! I don't have but a regular lawn mower plastic tank that I made brackets to hold the tank on the top bar. It turned out that I wanted to have it more level and I may fix some of the brackets to make it so after the fact.

What happens is I can still see gas level at a point where I would expect to use up what is left inside the tank and be able to fully empty it, but that is not what happens.

What I mean is if I go up a hill when I am about 90 percent fuel used, I get an air bubble in the line after getting back on the flat or down hill. Then I have to purge that.

It is not a real problem as I carry extra gas bottle that is normally used for camp stove.

Some tanks, like outboard motor tanks leave the bottom inch not available to use for just that reason, to let settled particles not enter the fuel line.

I guess you can figure how you would like it, but just figured I'd mention that.

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