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Originally Posted by jacliny View Post
Dan, all goes well here! Did you say rich? SNORK! LOL, Sounds like we'll be building over the weekend! I have to say my money's on you! I've been using lead and a single wrap of inner tube and no problems so far. Been thinking about a long recumbent lately though. A little rich for my blood but maybe a little more time with a tubing bender and the torches? Chrissy would love it!
Is great to see ya! Been a while. Was just about put your pic on a milk carton.
I search CList every day hoping for a deal on a recumbent. would be sweet with a 4 stroke! Dax built a killer one.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'll take you up on that free bike and kit offer. Send me one, soon.

Quote from your starting thread:Jim, Here is what I propose, at the May 2nd, CT. get together, all in attendance build a MB. I will supply the bike and kit.
Dang 2Door! "a" collectively! LOL, sad part is that could be argued successfully in a court in your favor....
worst apocalypse ever
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