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Default Re: The Iron Horse is back again.

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
To be honest, I have no desire to look inside it. It runs fine.
Too much effort to lean down and look in the port with the pipe off. Lol!
Again, no point since the owner won't do anything unless it quits again.
I gotta agree with your point there too... when ya look ya find something ya don't like most the time... but it runs perfectly. That's actually happened to me before. When I was a lot younger I shoehorned a 460 into a 67 Ford pickup to replace the 302 that replaced the 250 straight 6... Everything was running great on it but I had the engine out and decided to "check a few things out" before putting it back in... next thing I know I got it all the way apart to redo the valves, get a new set of lifters, and the cam lobes were all worn down pretty far... but that thing ran perfect for me and it was outrageously fast too...
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