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Default Re: Another Fuel Tank variation

Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
Funny you would mention that. I was thinking about one of those small propane cylinders. I couldn't get the nerve to drill a hole in it, thought it might blow up? That could ruin your day!

I have a lot of experance with auto propane. Even when the tank seems empty there is a lot of pressure in it . It can be bled off with care. On the small bottle I would put it in a vice And make shure you are covered up good like your welding.Use a pointed probe like a test light and try pushing on the little preasure valve or try pulling up on it. another thought is to push the probe into the hookup valve to slowly bleed it. DONT SMOKE and only well vented space,GLOVES and facemask. It will NOT blow up. All you have to do is watch out for is propane burn on exposed skin.Make shure you do this to an empty tank only...POPS
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