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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I definitely agree on the difference between a full throttle run and the pure torture of the race tracks where rpm needs to stay up by any means possible so heat goes up the same but with less opportunity to cool the engine...

Wow Map if yours is running 8950 to hit 52mph your engine probably spins as fast as mine if they were both geared the same... Compression is important on a 2 stroke for low rpm torque and power, but as the rpm's climb up it becomes less important so the power's probably about the same as mine at those rpm's too...
I know my static compression ratio is 12.7:1 but the actual is quite lower since the actual is measured from the top of the exhaust port instead of the bottom of the stroke like a 4 stroke engine, this ratio varies tho on the 2 strokers because as rpm increases and if an expansion chamber is used the ratio can go up a few numbers so it's more like a virtual compression ratio that falls somewhere between static and actual.
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