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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Yeah a lite bike and rider do help, but 49.2 mph and flat ground take a good strong engine to turn those needed rpm's, 49+ mph is hauling buttocks on a bicyle...LOL!

I get some crazy looks on mine when I'm zipping down through an area where the speed limit is 40-45 mph and I'm running with traffic, people at the plant where I work have seen me and they come to work talking about it and shaking their head about seeing me running with traffic on my bicyle, Ive got into a lane next to our sheriff running down the main highway through town at 45 mph and he just looks and grins at me...LOL!

Nice to live in an area where even the people that dont have a motorized bike think its as cool as I do and the laws get a kick out of them instead of acting like idiots and trying to make me slow down or try to give me a hard time in some other way.

most of the thime I'm cruising at 30-35 mph though.
Yes that was an all out speed run, I usually just cruise and it does that nicely at 30-35
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