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Default Re: Friction Drive In The Rain

Originally Posted by u2smile View Post
Hi air up your tires, make sure to use a semi smooth tire tread is not a benifit, two check your roller if it is smooth, then replace it or resurface it jb or epoxcy with sand mixture.
I had one of the china girls....never agan. I passed on the FD at first. BUT after 4 years it is great so simple, and cheap, as for the rain use a multi speed bike, and you pedal as normal for a bike ride... but you go 27 mph. Staton makes a good kit although I loath the maker. They have a toothed roller that has held up as the burled ones wore down fast.
Treaded roller smooth tire, good tire psi, easy throttle, aid the engine and thank god when it does break down you can left it up and pedal home..
got kicked out f/m fl behind a simple request, but the good news a lady was kind enough to go get my tire out the store before I said BUMP FREDDY MYER.bspent 21.50 on a bell roundahout tire. no more tire jump, key got blown out on the flywheel so ill be ordering a longer shaft spacer.

I may be running the round abouts permanently as just got the front and its fast as ****.

What's the longest spacer I can put on.

rules of hybrid cycling tune your bike or end up face palm head first on the ground.
It's NOT what you Can't DO Its About What YOU Can build.
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