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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

Davezilla, thanks for trying that and sharing. It's fine if one person only wants to break in their motor on west bound, even numbered streets, on odd numbered days that end in the letter y. These pistons and jugs are quite inexpensive and fun to try things with so I for one want to hear different opinions and results, more data = more knowledge. It hit me on my drive home, I ultimately want to run at Bonneville. Even if I can go as fast as my hopes which is unlikely that will mean at least 2 plus minutes of full load wide open throttle at max RPM. That is a lot to ask of that poor little air cooled motor. I am really going to have to be conservative with porting, gearing, basically everything if I want to be sure it will hold together. I have not found the opti2 locally and was going to run the Stihl factory oil at it's recommended 50 to 1 for know. Any Tucson locals know where to buy the opti2 locally?
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