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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I've always broke in my 2 smokers with good quality dino oil but after lots of discussion in here I decided to just go with the opti2 right from the get go and at 100:1. I figured either everyone who did it is wrong and I'll be out $35 for a jug, piston, and rings or they're right and I wont need to mix up a batch of dino mix.... from that little personal " experiment" tho I noticed it breaks in just fine and the rings seat at about the same amount of run time. I got over 30 years 2 stroke experience so this was a tough decision to make, but since these engines are cheap and parts are cheap I decided " why not try it" and it worked just the same.
The only thing I do different during break in with these is to keep the rides short so it cant overheat and leave the carb jetted on the rich side. Speaking of which... I'm about ready to dial in the jetting and that'll free up a few more rpm there too, but switching to the Tilly carb real soon anyway so I'll just leave the jetting alone and tune that carb once its installed.... no need to swap jets there, just set the low speed and high speed screws and done... which is another reason the Walbro and Tillotson carbs are so appealing when it comes to performance. I'll stop on the break in subject here tho because it tends to start some heated discussion since everyone has their own methods and almost all of them work just fine...
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