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Default Re: What is the quietest motorized kit

Originally Posted by ibcnya View Post
No im saying that, its louder than stock but not buzzy bee loud. Sure im proud of anything I put together and tinker with....
As well you should be. If you have the talents to build and improve a design and then enjoy it. My concern is for the future of this hobby. Annoying people with noisy bikes will do nothing but promote bad feelings and ultimately regulations that can and will spell the end of motor assisted bicycles as we know them today. As our numbers continue to grow we need to take every opportunity to present ourselves as considerate individules by keeping our engines noise to acceptable levels, riding within the legal limits (20MPH in most states) and not promoting actions that will undoubtedly bring the unwanted attention from the man with the badge, and his boss.
Like Joe, I primarily ride in a residential area and watch to see when people react to the sound of my bike. As a rule they don't until I'm within less than a hundred feet of them and often less because I want to keep piece with my neighbors. I'm sorry if you take offence but I'm not alone with my concerns for the future of this sport/hobby/activity.
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