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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I'll agree with that... on my first engine I broke it in rather easy with a richer oil mix and all, but when I decided I wanted to get some performance out of this I tore that engine down and went back up with a Dax bottom end, a new piston and new rings, the jug only had about 30 minutes of run time on it so I ported it and reused it. Put the engine back together, mixed up my 100:1 Opti2 mix and rode it like I stole it ever since. i'm on my second tank right now and almost done with it, then I'll either rejet it or put a bigger carb on it for better midrange and top end.
I'd say it's run in plenty well now because about 3 weeks ago it wouldn't budge over 35, then it hit 38 the next ride, then went up to 41 after a few more rides and hadn't improved from that point. Been looking at a block of aluminum and my CNC machine all day deciding whether or not to make an adapter to put my 20mm Tillotson carb on the bike... only thing that stopped me today was just enough customers coming in that everytime I sat down to make the cods for the cnc someone would drive up for an inspection or alignment... I'll have some free time tomorrow after hours tho so I may make up the G code then...
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