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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Ouch... did you drill into the aluminum when trying to drill out that left bolt? And how deep in did you drill? You can probably save it if you take the engine off the bike (if not already) and steady it in a vise or whatever you can come up with so the broken stud is Real easy to get to with the drill. Start the drill again but angle it opposite the way you were drilling at first until the bit has dug in enough that it won't slipp off, then while drilling gently bring the bit inline with the stud and it should drill out straight.... This is a lot easier showing somebody than telling them by the way...
I got other tricks to get one out if it's been drilled in deep already, you'll need a dremel and a rather small carbide burr then you carefully eat away the part of the stud that's stopping you from drilling the hole straight, then make a "start" in the middle of the stud to prevent the drill bit from slipping off... again... easier shown than told...

Anyway, if it is a total loss, at least empty cases are cheap at most online places, and on a better note, this is a real good time to slip in some of the good bearings on the crank and clutch shafts... Every time I've split cases the bearings looked so bad there was no way I could put the thing back together without replacing the bearings. I also keep at least 4 bearings in my parts stash just in case I have to open one up and don't like what I find inside...
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