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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

ok... so... took my bike out on the sled trails again today... unfortunately where i went there is heavy foot traffic as well... all the trails were frozen solid (which WOULD be a good thing)... with all the rain we recently got, combined with people tramping all through the trails, made for an almost impossibly bumpy ride :/ safe to say, i came down a frozen hill bout 150' long of hill and a good 40' drop in elevation... made the hill ok, but the trail bent to the left and safe to say, not much turning on the ice, so naturally, i took a digger... the fall didn't bother me any, i had plenty of gear on... BUT... i bout tacoed my back rim and when i got home, i noticed that BOTH of my rear motor mount bolts had broken off inside the case...
now i'm kinda screwed... the left side bolt didn't drill out centered therefore did not want to back out and with limited tools on hand, it's stuck where it is and at this point, i think i need to just order a new left side case and seals... UGH!!!
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