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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I've got mine up to the 41 to 42 mph range using a 44 tooth sprocket, but very true... it won't do it in stock trim because first off it lacks the power needed to get there, and it'll rev out somewhere around 7k rpm. I think the quickest I got mine with a stock engine and 44T sprocket was around 25 to maybe 28mph.

I'm running a modified KTM exhaust pipe, Fred head, and some pretty extensive porting so it can spin up to almost 10k rpm and still make plenty enough power up there. Mine does feel like it's reving out at 41mph, it gets there fairly quickly and ducking out of the wind or streaming behind a truck won't get it any faster, I did hit 42 once but I'm thinking that road may have been just slightly downhill and I was streaming behind a big truck, and it wouldn't budge over that speed on that road. On a perfectly flat road it'll hit 41 and that's all it'll give me with this gearing.
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