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Default Re: Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

I have to make a GPS run. My last bike was a GSXR 600 and the sensation of speed is so different on this. I am really hopefull we can come up with a class at Bonneville or come up with our own venue. I built the bike in my profile pic to learn and develop toward top speed. New CG from gasbike with a billet head, mildly ported, piston cut out on the intake side to match the port, soldered and drilled the main jet, removed the airbox left just the filter, mostly gutted stock pipe with no end cap. The bike is aluminum framed, just over 22 lbs with aero wheels and bladed spokes, 700x32 tires at 85 psi. I have almost the first gallon run thru it of break in fuel. Took it on a mildly rolling road and it would seriously scream when held WOT. I cant wait to find out how fast and share. Then gearing and more mods and more runs ha ha it will mever end.
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