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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Ouch... that happens to all of us... I learned to keep my maiden voyage close to home... as well as the next several rides just in case something went south on me.
Anyway, hope you get your clutch sorted out, on these things it could be anything from a loose cable to grease getting slung up from who knows where and onto the clutch pads, could also be the flower nut wasn't locked down and backed out some... but you'll find it, these things are at least simple enough for quick fixes.

For me... Today has been unbeleivably slow and boring here at the shop so I set up the bearings on the new rim with the disc brakes, cleaned and lubed with Kendall Super blue which is an ultra heavy duty bearing grease I use on big truck bearings, but also use on anything else that needs grease, this stuff is slick, it stays put, and will most likely outlast that wheel I just built up... Enough on that.. My next problem to overcome is getting the caliper mounted on the front fork lower... This is proving easier said than done so I went thru my calipers to see which one would be the easiest to adapt to a fork that's not set up for disc brakes. Caliper #1... came off the other bike, has little tiny pads, but they work good. This one would be the trickiest to adapt to my forks so back on the shelf it goes... Caliper #2... came off a pocketbike rear brake... very large pads and very well built, but too bulky, too much needs modified, and it really needs a thicker rotor. Caliper #3... came off a pocketbike front brake, this one has nice sized pads, about twice the size of the small round pads the bike came with, full floating design so I just need to make a single flat bracket and it'll tuck in nicely on the back side of the fork leg, looks good once installed... Yup... this is the one I'll be using... Soooo... if today continues to be slow and boring over here I might just fire up the plasma cutter and make me a bracket... I got the measurements and reinstalled the old front wheel so the bike can remain functional while I'm working this brake situation out.
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