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Default Re: Dax KTM Clone

Yes to the Tomar clutch.

I wasted hours on the OEM clutch. Re-machined all of the crappy cast spring pockets. Bought high quality belville disc springs. Measured, swapped, tinkered...

And went through 2 quarts of oil. Every time you need to diddle the clutch, the cover comes off, and the clutch oil drips everywhere. Use the puller.Remove the clutch. Swap springs. Clean everything up. Reassemble & add fresh oil.

Once I installed the Tomar, I realized I never really nailed the spring pack they way I thought it should be.

I had the best results using Castrol Transmax ATF for Honda in the clutch case.

Gearing will depend on what expansion chamber you are running, and where you want the power band to hit.

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