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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

well, got the air leak fixed on latest build and took it for a 7 miles round trip maiden run, running good.

was running smoother and stronger by the time I returned from the ride, I cruised most of the way @ 27-30mph.

I did open it up for just about 40-50yds and hit 39mph, then I slowed it down and never got over 30-31mph the rest of the ride.

I'm not seeing the near perfect" balance factor" with it so far but it's fairly nice running at 30mph

On the first start and run all of my dax lowers were smoother than this engine is so far, its better than my bgf engines but time will tell what it will be after about 50 or so more miles on it.

I really thinking these Half Breed engines need about .020-.025" milled off the jug to get the compression to where it needs to be.

It seems that the dax engines are not what they were, looks like they are GT5 engines now, a member just got one and told me after the jug was pulled he noticed first off that it has the high pin type B piston and jugven Duane says on his site it's a 38mm stroke engine.

This is disapointing to me if this is true since I like the Gen IV well balanced PK-80 engine lowers I've got from him, anyone know what the reason is for the change?
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