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Default Re: Hello from Clayton Delaware

No, I'm no expert on wheel building and the next time I do it I will once again look on google for a video refresher to remind me where to start, what is next, etc. I have had wheels which seemed to just lace themselves it went so perfectly and other times when I have wasted a whole evening not understanding where I have gone wrong and why it won't work. In which case I put it away and come at it again when I'm not feeling frustrated and have a clear head. That is where the patience and sticking with it comes in. If a spoke is too short there isn't much hope, but slightly too long and you can shim with little washers to buy a bit of shortening and can use a dremel to grind off what sticks out of the nipple. Can't have anything pointy against your tube. Even when I try a spoke length and just can't make it work I'm only out some time and not money.
If you can't make sense of a spoke calculator try another one in hopes it is explained in a way which makes sense to you. Sheldon Brown is usually a good source for bike stuff... but I found his advice on wheel building confusing.
Hopefully someone else who actually is an expert can weigh in on this subject.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...

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