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Smile Re: Hello from Clayton Delaware

Well, here it is another weekend...and no progress to report on the build. I am hoping to have some updates for you soon on the Nel Lusso build. At this point I need to get the front wheel to the Bike shop to have the Sturmey Archer drum/dyno installed, laced and trued. I like the idea of tackling this project myself however my experience with building a wheel is none.

I did check out a few Youtube "how to" posts and the lacing doesn't seem difficult but selecting the right spoke length is a little more than what I know right now. Figure I should leave this to a pro.

I know alot of folks would say why not just buy the wheel with the SA drum/dyno already on it. That was my first thought...however every site I checked only supplies the SA for a 26x2.125 wheel. I haven't found anyone who has a the SA on a 26x2.35 wheel which is the stock wheel on the Nel Lusso which I really would like to keep. (BTW if my terminolgy for the parts are wrong...excuse me...I'm working on it)

I will be tackling checking and greasing the rear coaster hub and the crank hub/bearings...I've read enough posts about Walmart assembled bikes to understand you just can't be too careful in this area. This not something I've ever done before..but the instructional videos are very detailed and luckily I have a spare rear coaster wheel hub to practice on.

After that, I plan to sort out the clearance issue for the chain by modifying the rear fender. My goal is to cut away 1/2 inch of the fender (depth of the cut) for 8 -10 inches (length of the cut) where the motor chain would actually come incontact wit the fender. I plan to do this on both sides of the fender and file it smooth to round the edges so it gives the appearance it was made this way.

That's it for now now from DE...more to come.
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