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Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Hey mapbike it sounds like you have a lot of crankcase pressure like we talked about.
LOL... Yeah problem is that a lot of the pressure is going the wrong way.....

I 'm fixing to gather myself in a little while an go pull that jug and replace that gasket, I'd like to take it on it's maiden road trip today for some low speed break in time.

It seems that this engine is gonna be a good smooth runner, but until I get it running right and get out on the road I wont know what I have for sure, and of course the longer it runs it will smooth up a little more, @ about 50-75 miles all my engine were settled in to how they were gonna run as far as vibes were concerned, never notice any improvements after that, an untrue crank or a badly bablanced crank does improve with miles added, once the gear mesh good and smooth as can be and the rings get seated to give the best compression seal, the rest will just be what it is and either you have a well balanced engine or you don't, more miles wont change that, so I'll know fairly quickly what this engine will do, after about 30-40 miles I run them the way I plan to run them, I have never used a long 100-200 mile break-in period since I dont think there is anything to be gained or lost by doing that, if the internals of the engine are good and things are right, it will break in quickly and all the miles of easy riding aren't needed in my opinion, so I'll keep things tight and do a couple plug checks and run the shoes off of this one very soon is my plan Greg.

PS by the way, I got that Blutooth device paired up, you were right just needed to press and hold one button long enough for it to go into pairing mode.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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