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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Good to hear you got that one running... too bad about the case leak tho...
I had to mill off nearly .040" from the bottom of my jug too just to get it flat and true so it's either chuck it in a lathe and clean it up, or paper gaskets down there...

I was too busy to even start mine today, had to change out a set of hub bearings on an 06 Sentra as well as doing a LOT of inspections so the bike just sat lonely today...
Yeah the bottom of the jug is probably untrue and the case may not be as good as it needs to be either, it looks like it mates up nice and tight, but that thin copper gasket just aint gonna seal if it isn't dang near perfectly flat.

I'll just put some of that real stringy aviation gasket sealer on one of my home brewed gaskets and buckle her back down and that should be problem solved.

this thing sure acts like its gonna be a smooth low vibe engine, but until I can get it running right and get a few miles on it i wont know for sure what I have.
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