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Cool Re: What's your average speed?

Bike... Micargi Beach cruiser (need to upgrade that frame stat!)
Engine.... Crystalyte Hub Motor
Batteries...72V 15AH Lifepo4 split into two groups of batteries
Farthest distance on single charge... 22miles
Road weight.... Unknown
Cruise speed... 25 to 35mph (Its hilly here in austin :P)
Terrain- City streets with many steep hills.
Max speed... 42mph (Very downhill)

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Did the gentleman from Texas just say winter? Huh! Yeah, it's not quite as much fun riding in the cold... but hang in there!

Hey! Ill have you know that it almost got below freezing the other night! How about them apples? some of the folks from up north that live here whoom normally wear flipflops and shorts all times of the year even put on closed toed shoes! :O
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