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Default Re: Pretty Cool Engine!

No problem.. I've been eyeing that same engine for a few months now because of it's nice power output... There used to be some youtubes for the liquid cooled Chinese pocketbikes and they can easily propel a 200 pound rider really fast... a LOT faster than I'd want to try on a bike that sits about a foot and a half high and weighs under 50lb soaking wet... Geared right these pocketbikes can hit 45 to 50mph easily, and the genuine Blata could do 60+ when geared for speed, these things used to dominate the pocketbike tracks but had to be geared down for a top speed around 25 to 30mph... power wheelies were the norm just by blipping the throttle out of the turns when geared down for small indoor tracks...
here's a short clip of a couple Blatas playing on a kart track... not sure how fast they're reaching, but you can definitely tell when the engine goes on the pipe... These also look to be geared for a happy medium between speed and torque.
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