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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

The West Coast bike I have came with no front brake and both drum and V brake in back. The lugs for the V brake are still there but I don't know if they were installed and removed by previous owners or what. As I am putting on a brushless electric hub the coaster brake is out and the V brake will be made to function. Thanks for the tip on the Salmon pads for sure I did add a Sturmy-Archer Dyno-Drum to the front so I have front brakes. The dyno was because I had intended to run a Morini so power for a lighting system was needed now it's added resistance. I plan on towing 4 car batteries for power to the motor but I will still use the power from the dyno to run a lighting system with it's own battery supply for stability.

I talked to the bike repair guy that laced the hub to my front wheel. He's going to help with the things I need like laceing the electric hub to my rim. I don't know but the V brake arms look to me to be extra long, I haven't seen anything quite like them. I think we might have trouble finding a set but I'm hoping I'm wrong and we can get the brakes at both ends working. I'm gonna need them to stop me and a trailer of car batteries
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