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Exclamation MB.COM average speed poll results

Hello to all of you that are familiar with me, and to the large number of you who have become members since the poll was started. This site is a truly fantastic resource, and we are lucky to be a part of it. Thank you Paul, and to the many moderators and members who keep this train on the tracks. Outstanding job ladies and gentlemen.
On 14-FEB-13 I posed the question "What's your average speed?". This thread has been open for nearly two years, but the last entry was made on 9-OCT-13, so it seems to be time that we start using the information gathered.
My intention was to compile data that could be used as an average for discussions on braking, performance and the like. I'm hoping that this will start some useful discourse.
The original thread is still available for you to add to, and there's some interesting info to be had there as well.
Feel free to double check my math, I went to public skool

The average member rides at 27mph. The average weight on the tyres is 285lbs.
It's cooler to not fall off your bike.
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