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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yup... I like the Kool Stop Salmon compound pads and those will go on my rear brake, For the front disc I got a better caliper for it already that fits the bike's caliper bracket and I got another calpier with bigger pads but I'll need to make a bracket or buy a conversion bracket to use it. The Noleen front end I got on the bike now is set up for V brakes only but I can make a bracket for whichever caliper I decide to use. I just need to see my brake pad options for each caliper to see which one has the best selection. The one that's on the bike uses the smallest pads, but the other one uses slightly larger pads, the third one uses these pads that look more like motorcycle pads so I'm not going to use that one unless I know I can get decent replacement pads.

The new bike I got also has the dual trigger type shifters instead of the twist grip type so I'll most likely move those over to my silver bike to free up more space on my bars.
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