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Default Re: Is there any risk in keeping your bike outside in extreme cold?

Originally Posted by GoreWound View Post
sometimes with a frozen lock you can break the ice inside of it with a light tap or two from a hammer.
It sounds like it's worth a try and I'll keep it in mind. No doubt there's more freeze-ups in my future.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
A few drops of automotive anti-freeze in the lock would help too. But then so would a propane torch.

The propane torch is what got me up and running again this time. But I'll remember the anti-freeze. That sounds like it's worth a try, too. That stuff has a 'slipperiness' to it that could be helpful. It might act like lube, staying in that lock for a while.

By the way, since we are talking about a lock here. I put some powdered graphite in there before Christmas in anticipation of winter.

Don't bother. It didn't do any good that I can tell.
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