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Default Re: Have any of you ever taken your bike across country?

LOL Semaj. Ever notice every thing that builds character sucks at the time?


One of the best hand vibe solutions I have found costs 8 bucks at HF. Fingerless gloves for operating jack hammers and such. They have a pocket of sand in the palms and work wonders. Really great idea for long rides and can attest they stop hand road rash for sliding face down in the super man pose. win/win there.

Now the "Hand-Jive" song is stuck in my head. Only it's hand "vibe"

"While chopping wood, I move my legs, and I started dancin' while I gathered eggs
Bowed and clapped, I was only five
And I danced 'em all, he's born to hand-VIBE

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah - everybody

Born to hand-vibe, baby, born to hand-vibe, baby - yeah

How low can you go, how low can you go, how low can you go, how low can you go

Higher, higher, higher and higher
Now can you hand-vibe, baby, oh can you hand-vibe, baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, born to hand-VIBE, oh yeah..."
worst apocalypse ever

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