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Default Re: Have any of you ever taken your bike across country?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Just a thought but for a marathon ride, 4 smokes are a wee bit easier on the body and hands. LOL, well ya stop vibrating a lil quicker anyway.

But a 4 stroke, inframe is not some thing ya wanna pedal any distance, if any at all. Even with the chain off, it is not fun.

(2 & 4 smokes. Medical MotorBiking)
An old trick for bikes that have vibe problems in the bars is to fill the bar with steel or lead shot and seal off the ends, this does add weight to the bike but it can make even the buzzyest bars feel dead smooth on your hands, another trick is to use those cheap thick foam grips, or do both.
To help cure seat vibes, a solid seat post and a good comfortable seat like the cloud 9 work well together. A regular tube seat post can also be capped off and filled with steel or lead shot.
Other stuff that can work is sliding some heavy bar stock into the bar ends, this can be steel, brass, or lead and needs to fit either well enough that it cant rattle inside the end of the bar or stuff with rtv to take up any unused space, sand filling the bras would also work as long as you got a way to cap it off and keep it in there... basically any way to add weight to the bars will dampen out most if not all the vibes.
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