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Lightbulb Re: strange year for building & repairs

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
after a really slow year for these bikes with fewer sales and repairs than any other year for the last 6 years, this last month has really turned around

this week I sold three bikes in the dark by flashlight, and last night, in the dark & in the cold, pouring rain

gas prices are low & weather is cold - no idea where this up-tick is coming from, but enjoying it

anyone else seeing an increase this late in the year?
Just out of curiosity, is your shop in the middle of the desert or parking lot somewhere? I'd be a bit leery buying a motorized bike under those Coleman lantern or umbrella available?

I've thought about selling tandems and two-seater trikes by might be on to something here.....ambiance! Maybe down at the beach, near the ocean with Tiki torches?
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