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Default Re: maniac mechanic adapter issue worried

I agree Tom,

It would be very cheap and very easy to I clude even a strip of paper run through the hole on each adapter and stapled on the ends that would include a torque spec and the instruction to use a dab of thread locker on the bolts.

There would be no reason for that smell thing to add any cost to the item, and it would reolve issue before they hapened with those who may be new to working with these type things.

Only issue I can see with providing torque specs is that many people dont own a torque wrench and because the area for tightening the adapters bolts is so small it is really hard to get anything in there between spokes to use a torque wrench, but it may be possible and if it is, people like myself that have and use a torque wrench would likely appreciate havin some proven specs to go by so I know ai have everything where it needs to be the first time.
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