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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well today I went to the shop while my wife went to a visitation for a friend of hers that recently passed away so she dropped me off at the shop.... I decided this would be a good time to see what's wrong with my clutch. Took it apart and noticed the clutch bell felt a little sloppy, but it was intact so I pulled it and saw that the bevel gear part of the centrifugal clutch was just pressed into place and it became loose enough to spin freely. So for now I took off the centrifugal until I can take it apart and braze the gear to the bell again. It was working really well for me one day then the next day I was going to run down to the store down the street for some change and it just reved without going anywhere... no warning at all, and it worked fine the day before....
Anyway, if I want to keep using the centrifugal clutch on my setup I'll need to take it all the way apart, de grease everything, then braze or tig weld the gear back in place.... for now I just put the regular bevel gear back in and got it rideable until I can the part back together. If I do decide to braze in because it might be safer to braze, I'll use nickel/silver brazing rod because of it's strength.

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