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Default Re: maniac mechanic adapter issue worried

I would be willing to bet most of these adapters are not purchased directly from the manufacturer. Too many website seem to have identical ones to all be making them in house.
There's the grapevine to think about when it comes to the instructions, if the manufacturer bothered to include a set with the batch there might have only been one copy or something. Even a manufacturer that does include instructions when selling directly might not when someone orders a large quantity.

Also at least a few of these things out there are probably copies or new old stock and a seller would be unwise to give specific instructions only to become liable if those instructions are inaccurate.

on the other hand a seller that does include these instructions, and maybe even is also the manufacturer, would probably charge slightly more for the product as they are offering a higher tier of service.
You get what you pay for.
Mine came with a small piece of paper that said to be careful about stripping the bolts and to use loctite for the sprocket. nothing else. Also the picture on the website slightly varied from what I received, the primary difference was that the picture had different color bolts, and mine were flush with the sprocket. I am assuming they have an old photo.
I got a pretty good deal though...
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