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Default Re: maniac mechanic adapter issue worried

As long as it it clamped tight to the axle, and not wobbling that is fine.
But as far as I know it should be almost impossible to assemble one of these adapters and have it wobble significantly.

If you place the two halves together without the wheel you will notice the hole between them is not quite perfectly round, it will be very slightly oval.
By being built this way it is impossible to bottom out the two halves against each-other when it is assembled. this allows you to get it clamped tightly on the axle.

Also you can use the gaps the judge if one side is tighter than the other. You want the two bolts to be tightened just about equally (some variance is fine) if one side was all the way tight and the other was left open you might not be able to get the sprocket on.

Also do NOT do what I did and leave a sticker wrapped around you axle under the adapter, this will make adjusting the chain alignment really difficult.
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