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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Didn't get to ride mine again today... still hadn't had time to see why my clutch started slipping badly, but I got a spare clutch assembly if it's really messed up, just gotta get time to open it up and see what went wrong... I did kinda aquire another bike today when the guy who takes care of my lawn at the shop came in for an oil change on his truck, he brought his son with him to show him my bike, his son really liked it a lot and started asking me if the V brakes worked for slowing the bike down from 40mph. I told him they do work, but wear out really fast so I have to slow down some before trying to stop, no problem in the area I ride since it's a straight shot from my shop to the resturaunt I buy breakfast from and there's no side streets to worry about people pulling out in front of me so I can hit top speed then let off and coast down to under 30 then start braking to get more life out of the pads. The bike will stop from 40mph with the v brakes quickly and safely but the brakes need readjusted after a stop like that so I know it's eating the pads pretty fast.
He then told me he has a bike with disc brakes but he doesn't like it and wanted to get rid of it. I asked him how much he wanted for the bike and he told me to make him an offer so I ended up giving them a free oil change in trade for the bike and then he's gonna drop off the bike on Tuesday... I'll most likely throw some cash into the deal if the bike is nice. So far all I know about the bike is that it has disc brakes and a good seat on it, he said the rest of the bike is nice but he just don't like it because he says it's too hard for him to work on and I could have it for parts. If it's got a good enough frame I might just put my other engine in it, but right now my plan is to strip off all the good stuff and put on mine, then I'll have spare parts, and a frame to modify to put my other engine into... Who knows, I may even cut out the lower tube and make a new one so I can fit that old Morini engine into it, but I really want to save that engine for a Stingray frame or do a trike build with it.
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