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Default Re: first build. so damn optimistic

Nice looking bike. I'd say that fenders are a must for anyone who wants to use these bikes as serious transportation.

For someone who only wants to ride in fair weather, then I'd say that fenders are best left off.

But for those who want or need fenders, then they must be reinforced and mounted well. Or they can give you much worse than just a broken wrist.

One other piece of advice. You don't have to do it just because I say so. But I've still gotta say it. I'd urge you not to add the performance parts. I just don't think it's safe to ride these bikes like that.

I'd urge you to keep it stock and use it as a putt-putt.

It's still fun. It's a whole lot cheaper. And it doesn't push the safety envelope.

Best of luck with it and have fun.
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