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Default Re: Is there any risk in keeping your bike outside in extreme cold?

You must be in my neighborhood, cserpico. Our weather forecast is exactly what you've described. But the wind is not as strong as they were expecting. So the wind chill is a mere 7 below.

I just finished my home from work commute. But it was on a pedal bike. Somewhat warmer than an MB. That wind was in my face. Bracing!

But anyway.....I've had a few 2 cycle motorized bicycles and they've stayed outside in the winter with no trouble. I'd often cover them. But the guys above are right when they say that cold is not as much of a problem as wet.

So if we get more of those rainy days followed by the deep freeze, then you'll certainly want to throw a tarp over it.

My thinking is that extreme cold might some day cause some component to fail. But it won't be often. And the same thing applies to a car or a pedal bike anyway.
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