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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by redneck82 View Post
so today went a lil bit differently than expected... only put half the miles on due to water in my magneto case and ran out of fuel... and as low as gas prices are getting, i really didn't see me getting all the way home on the $.90 i had in my pocket... so called for a ride for the remainder...
was snowing pretty good when i left this morning so i stopped road side and got a pic of what exactly i was riding in...

for those of you who asked, you can sort of see the 3L bottle wind guards...
SOOOOO glad i put them on, even if they are just temps...

Holy toledo, that's some rough weather man.i would be walking, and everyone driving would be spinning in their cars to their destinations. Austinites don't drive so good. Snow doesn't improve this fact.
Definitely copying the 3 Leiter idea.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I would wait until you're there. just a Thought
You cracked me up dan. Personally I recommend a cup holder
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