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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by YesImLDS View Post
I took my drill press and bored out the inside of it using a bigger drill bit on the ported intake seemed restricted in the diameter. The ones that I got from the buyer were slightly wider and the port itself was wider than the one pictured, but they were the same casting I could tell. Must of just been a different batch.

I think the engine pictured on post 1 isn't a half-breed. When we cracked open my friends he had a type b piston in it. I only know this because as Shan knows I ran a GT5, which he now owns, and compared between the two.
well it seems that you have confirmed what these engines are then, at GT5 type with a wider intake.

did your friends engine run fairly smooth in the upper rpms?

Thats always a concern for many of us, so many of the older type cranks were so badly balance and untrue they would vibrate you to piecs when they revved up a little.
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