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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Yep I can see hw easy it would be to just slot out the mounting holes a tad from the 35mm center to center to where the normal 32mm center to center will work and then I'd chuck it up in the lather and turn the intake hole out to about 14mm or what ever is needed to be equal or a tad larger than carb throat.

Nice work YesImLDS looks like those woll work like a champ.

I took my drill press and bored out the inside of it using a bigger drill bit on the ported intake seemed restricted in the diameter. The ones that I got from the buyer were slightly wider and the port itself was wider than the one pictured, but they were the same casting I could tell. Must of just been a different batch.

I think the engine pictured on post 1 isn't a half-breed. When we cracked open my friends he had a type b piston in it. I only know this because as Shan knows I ran a GT5, which he now owns, and compared between the two.
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