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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by YesImLDS View Post
Hey I bought one of those engines for my friend. It has a different intake pattern and is a GT5 I believe. His runs VERY well and could keep up with mine with very little mods done. The intake is a shorty intake and is far superior to the other stock intake that comes with these. In fact, I got another one of the intakes and drilled the holes out to fit onto my engine and it ran quite a bit quicker compared to my stock ported intake.

Here it is after I ported it out and put it on my carb.
As you can see I had to modify the mounting points to get it to fit.

Anyways it's basically the same engine, but with a different intake. Everything else was the exact same, but his seemed to run quite well.
Thanks for the info on this YesImLDS, I may end up trying one of them in the future because I'm just so curios about it, I'm wondering if it may be a configuration like what Fred calls the "Half Breed" which has the same stroke as the GT5 but uses the same rod and piston as the Type A PK-80 engines, Fred has said that these typically have really good cranks and rods in them and have a good balance, the issue is that the timing is in need of more correction than the PK-80 and has the same typical timing issues as the GT5 engines and needs about 0.060 milled off the deck and the piston ramped on the exhaust to get timing more close to where it needs to be, I think these are the numbers Fred gave, but I could be off a little.

They may have the rods marker ZAE50 if so that tells that they're the "Half Breed" 38mm stroke engines that have the heavier cranks with extra wide balancers that actually increase the primary crank case compression and thats a good thing actually.

I'm gonna have to get one eventually, someone else with a pocket full of money here needs to drop the cash on one and pull the top off and let us know what it is.....LOL!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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