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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Hopefully that engine will work for you, I know a lot of ebay sellers tend to over exagerate what these engines can do and all but most the time when they list specs like stroke length they're honest on that part...
I've seen sellers claim these things put out 5hp or can make a bike go 40mph right out of the box or say they got a 19mm carb along with a picture of a speed carb next to a digital caliper and they're measuring the clamp instead of the actual carb throat, some of them have claimed the 40mm bolt spacing and then they show a pic of them measuring with the caliper on the bolts instead of at the center of the bolts etc...

Of course, most of us already know what to beleive and what to ignore in their listings, but we definitely want the 40mm stroke and the good bearings on the crank. The jugs are always a gamble anytime we buy from a different seller because some have really nice transfers and others not so nice, and you definitely don't want oddball intake bolt spacing which would make upgrading nearly impossible.

Hopefully this kit will work for what you intend, since it's a seller and not a keeper, you still want a good quality base engine that has room for upgrades by the end user. It doesn't have to be 40mph fast, but it should be reliable and able to push a bike up to around 30 (give or take a few mph), but I'm sure it'll have both reliability and decent power after you're done with the basic upgrades you mentioned.
Thanks Dave, yeah One thing I always look for is the bloated up claims of power and speed, I figure if they'll lie to ya about that then most likely they'll lie to you about all the rest, this seller didn't really make any claims the best I remember, just a list of what the kit would include and the engine specs which I asume are written down on something they comes with the engines.

I'm hoping it has the good no markings rod in it like the dax engines, that will identify it as having a caged lower bearing and possible the better main bearings, if that is the case this is a very good deal on these kits in my opinion.

Time will tell though and of course I'll share what I find good or bad.

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